Angela J. Philip

About Me: I’m a writer, blogger and musician with phases of painting and drawing in between.

To earn money I’m an applied linguist and have a doctorate from Edinburgh Uni. I worked at the University of Papua New Guinea (for years), at Edinburgh University (summer stretch) and Oxford Brookes University (for years). I now work freelance and my current interest is in the role of rhythm and sound in prose.

I moved to Hastings with my husband a few years ago and love it. Hastings is a place full of amazing people and opportunities. It’s here that I’ve played violin with the Hastings Sinfonia and the Hastings Fiddle Choir. It’s here that I learned to play the accordion and guitar and to sing. My current band is Blue Rumour. I also like dogs, cats and birds and talk to them a lot.

My Writing: I write a weekly blog for the Hastings Online Times. It’s called Hastings Bookchat and I run a Facebook group with the same name. The Hastings Bookchat Facebook group has members from all over the world so please do come and join.

I started writing fiction in 2016 and can’t stop. I’m writing a series of novels about a mother and daughter and their struggles through life. I’ve recently finished the second one and am hoping to publish the first two novels before the end of 2019. The third one is already underway.

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