Marcus Towner

MarcusWP_000024About me

Born 1949 wrong side of the blanket to a wonderful mum and an Igbo Prince.

Hated English at school wanted to be an engineer had to work hard and be arrogant to make it to the top because blacks didn’t have the equality we have today. Started story telling to my son when I was a single parent. Now I love my characters and let the run free in my imagination and the worlds I create for them.

History with HWG – I deliberately avoid posts as I tend to dominate control and manipulate others to get my own way. Bad habits die hard. I am a much nicer person now I don’t need to be top dog


My writing

My big thing is a series of stories about a people called the Domers. They live in a dome that is perfect but run by robots for them. There is no free will so some Domers escape and try and survive on the outside. This leads to all sorts of adventures.

I like to write lovey dovey stories but from different angles hence Indian Summer


Publications and prizes

Catherine Cookson Cup 2012

Been runner-up in Writer of the Year,  come first in a couple of competitions and placed in several.


Contact details

I’m a very private person or at least I try to be.

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