Emma Boyde

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I grew up abroad in Uganda and Hong Kong and decided to write for a living while studying Russian at University. I travelled for a bit in India and got my first job as a reporter soon after returning to UK. I have been a journalist ever since, amassing about 30 years experience, mainly in Hong Kong, doing just about every kind of job a journalist can do.About 13 years ago I returned to the UK and soon afterwards I joined the Financial Times where I still work full time, mainly as a writer.

I joined HWG in November 2012 and am just beginning to pluck up courage to enter competitions. I have helped advise on website issues as I worked for five years as an online editor.


My writing

 I am just starting  to enter a few of the short story competitions that  HWG offers on a regular basis. I am hoping that getting the creative juices flowing will help me to fulfil my lifelong ambition to write my novel.

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