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I was born in East London in 1949 and my father was a railway labourer in the East London docks. I have two sons and daughters-in-law, and four grandsons ages 10 to 19. My husband and I have lived in Hastings since 2002.

I’m a pensioner, but during my working life I have worked for Oxfam in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Pakistan, and the UK. My hobby is looking after my 5 beautiful hens. I have now published my memoir, Prayer for an Infidel: Memories from Afghanistan

I have been placed in some HWG competitions. I was particularly happy to be placed first in the 2013 Memoir competition with a chapter from my book, ‘A Dangerous Place to Picnic’.

Photo Eileen June 2016


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Prayer for an Infidel: Memories from Afghanistan
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