Carol Pullen

Carol_Pullen             About me
I have been a member of HWG for about 4 years. I am now semi-retired, and live in New Romney, in     Kent. I chose HWG as I had heard from friends that it was the best group to belong to as its members were very prolific writers. The fact that Catherine Cookson was a member before she became famous, was also of interest to me, as I see myself mainly as a novelist.
My writing
I like to write mainly modern day short stories, and novels, I have also been on a television writing course with the writer of ‘Boon’ and other series.
I started writing in my early twenties. My first success was winning the South Eastern Arts competition for new writers. I went on to be selected as one of six winning entrants in a short story competition by D.C. Thompson. I was still in my twenties when I wrote quite regularly for their women’s magazines.
Since joining HWG I have been placed first in a competition judged by Victoria Seymour.
Last year 2013 I was placed second in the Catherine Cookson competition.
I have just finished my first Novel. ‘Call home the Reds, and am currently three quarters through my second novel, the sequel to the first one, call Echo of Hearts.

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