Amanda Giles

About me

My love of writing stems from junior school days when English was my best subject, particularly ‘Composition’, where the teacher wrote the first sentence and I continued, developing it into a story. The love of making up stories remained, and when a favourite song provoked ideas I didn’t know what to do with, a friend suggested writing them down. So I did! On moving to Hastings, I joined Alan Fisher’s creative writing classes, then Linda M. James’ radio writing course.

I am married, with three sons, one grandson, two cats and a dog. Music, reading and theatre are my other passions.

I joined Hastings Writers’ Group in 2010. I served as Membership Secretary and was involved with the production of the 2013 HWG anthology and website development.

In 2015 I headed the sub-committee judging the National Association of Writing Groups (NAWG) Anthology Competition.

I administrate the Hastings Writers’ Group Facebook page, as well as being am the NAWG contact.

My writing

I enjoy variety in my writing. I have had articles published and been part of the editorial team of a national charity’s magazine. I write short stories and drama, for both stage and radio. I have a novel under production and have recently completed a biography for a client.

I am proud to have been a prize winner in the 2011 and 2012 Hastings Writers’ Group ‘Catherine Cookson Cup’ competitions. I won the drama competition in 2014 with my short play ’Forty-Two’, which was performed at the HWG presentation evening. Most recently I won the 2016 drama competition and got a real buzz from seeing my play ‘Miriam Waits’ performed at the Hastings Fringe Festival in August 2016. This play was also short listed in the NAWG play writing competition.

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