Results of the “Catherine Cookson Cup – December 2018

The winner was John Taylor.

Results of the “Wild Card” Competition – November 2018

1.Vicky Armstrong for “Once Upon a Time in Africa”.

2.Sandra Daniels-  “Pause for Thought”

3.Sam Davey – “The Lineaments of Desire”

4.Karina Evans for “All That Glitters”.

Results of the ‘Drama’ Competition – October 2018

Judge – Christophe Philipps

1. Maddie Blake – ‘To Crown a King’

2. Godfrey Forder – ‘Peterloo’

3. Roz Balp – ‘Ever Refused Admission’

4. Vicky Armstrong with ‘Noblesse Oblige’.


Results of the ‘How to’ Competition – July 2018
Judged by John Dowling

1.Godfrey Forder – ‘How to Potter’.

2.Lorna Thompson – ‘Chemo and the Disappearing Hair – a Black Woman’s Tale.’

3. Maddie Blake – ‘How to Make Friends with the Stars’

4. Roz Balp – ‘Packing for a Budget Airline’

Results of the Science Fiction Competition, May 2018

Judge: Simon Guerrier
1. Mike Gould “Up There Far Away”
2. Sam Davey “The Last Elephant”
3. Dave Baker “Gaze Upon My Washing Up and Weep”
4. Roz Balp “The Last Rabbit Hole”

Results of the Poetry Competition, March 2018

Judge: Kim Lasky

First:   John Taylor ‘They are not missing they are here’.

Second: Godfrey Forder ‘A load of old Pollocks’

Third: Roz Balp ‘Stork’s Flight’

Fourth: Liz Caluori ‘What a difference a day makes’


Results of the Catherine Cookson Cup, December 2017

Judge: Thorne Ryan

First:  Amanda Giles “No Reveal”

Second:  Maddie Blake “Looking Through the Gates of Heaven”

Third:  Godfrey Forder “Dandelion and Burdock with Bronwen”

Fourth:  Anne Hooker “The Signet Ring Mafia”

Results of the”Crime from the Criminal’s Point of View” Competition, October 2017

1 Sandra Daniels – ‘Ray’
2 Emma Boyd – ‘Call Centre Charity’
3 Sam Davy – ‘Pity Me’
4Godfrey Forder – ‘In Two Criminal Minds’
4 Maddie Blake – ‘Missing Laura-Jane’
4 Diana Lock – ‘A Nasty Case of the Jimmy Choos’

Results of the Myth/Fairy Tale Competition, August 2017


Judge:  Catherine Smith

First – Vicky Armstrong: Mrs Majuba and the League of Ladies

Second -Roz Balp: The Moonlit Pool

Third – Diana Lock: Ayashe and the Red Crow

Fourth – Maddie Blake: The Princess and the Elf King


Results of the Sitcom Competition, June 2017

Judge: John Knowles

First – John Taylor ‘That’s the Way To Do It”

Second – Roz Balp ‘Gargoyles’

Third – Diana Lock ‘Grandads 4 Justice

Fourth – Vicky Armstrong ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Results of the Life Writing Competition, May 2017

Judge: Andrea Samuelson

First: Vicky Armstrong for ‘On Learning to Read’

Second: Roz Balp for ‘My Husband, My Prince’

Third: Sam Davy for ‘Death is the Cessation of all Biological Functions’

Fourth: Dave Baker for ‘Anatomy of a Love Story’

Commended: Godfrey Forder was also commended for his work ‘Dandelion and Burdock with Bronwen’

Results of the Songwriting Competition, April 2017

The judge was Ken Edwards, writer, poet and musician.

First: Diana Lock with “Friend Me”

Second:  Chris King with “Just Another Love Song (chasing resurrection blues)”

Third:  Liz Caluori with “The Elephant in the Room”

Fourth: Emma Boyde with “Emptinest”



Who we are

Based in Hastings, East Sussex, we share a passion for writing.

We come from many different backgrounds and have diverse writing experience. Some have had short stories, poems, letters or articles published in magazines, whilst others have novels or non-fiction books to their credit. However, we also welcome people who still aspire to publication, as well as those who are happy to write just for themselves and family or friends. See the Members page for our details.

We aim to help all our members develop their writing skills by providing a varied and interesting programme of meetings, and offering constructive feedback on their work in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

The group meets fortnightly, in Hastings.  Our activities include varied competitions with guest judges, speakers, manuscript evenings, workshops and fun evenings.  We aim to offer something for everyone who enjoys writing.  From time to time we also organise events for both members and the public to attend.

If you would like to know more about our activities, or are interested in joining the group, please contact us.

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Annual Presentation Evening – December 2018



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HWG Awards 2018

Catherine Cookson Cup

Winner:  John Taylor

Writer of the Year

Winner:  Godfrey Forder


HWG Awards 2017

Catherine Cookson Cup


Judge: Thorne Ryan

First:  Amanda Giles “No Reveal”

Second:  Maddie Blake “Looking Through the Gates of Heaven”

Third:  Godfrey Forder “Dandelion and Burdock with Bronwen”

Fourth:  Anne Hooker “The Signet Ring Mafia”


Writer of the Year Award

Writer of the year 2

Joint winners:  Roz Balp and Diana Lock



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Programme of Future Meetings