Results of the Songwriting Competition, April 2017

The judge was Ken Edwards, writer, poet and musician.

First: Diana Lock with “Friend Me”

Second:  Chris King with “Just Another Love Song (chasing resurrection blues)”

Third:  Liz Caluori with “The Elephant in the Room”

Fourth: Emma Boyde with “Emptinest”

Results of the Catherine Cookson Competiton, December 2016

Judge: Jemima Forrester

First: Sandra Daniels for her short story ‘Boy’, a story of a young girl tormented by an annoying cousin, which leads to chilling consequences.

Second: Sam Davey for ‘The House of Her Dreams’.

Third: Jill Fricker for ‘The Second Life of Amina Choudbury’.

Fourth: Vicky Armstrong for ‘And Then There Was Silence’.

Highly commended: Marcia Woolf,  ‘The Jar of Ideas’.

Results of the Historic Writing Competition, October 2016

Judge was Alan Judd. First: Vicky Armstrong, ‘And The Band Played On’.  Second: Sandra Daniels, ‘A Bluebell Among The Thorns’. Third:  John Taylor, ‘Warlingham Murder’. Fourth: Godfrey Forder, ‘The Madness of Victorian Women’.

Results of the Poetry Competition, August 2016

Judge was Roz Goddard. First: Vicky Armstrong, ‘The Father’s Tale’. Second: Diana Lock, ‘The Bryn’. Third: Jane Hempson-Jones, ‘Peace’. Fourth: Roz Balp, ‘Haiku on Kuniyoshi’.

Results of the Humour Competition, July 2016

Judge was Sally Holloway. First: Liz Caluori, ‘Stiff and Nonesense’. Second: Vicky Armstrong , ‘Maurice and Dora Learn Swahili’. Third: Amanda Giles, ‘The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come’. Fourth: Godfrey Forder,  ‘Paper Hanging Hero’.

Results of the Drama Competition, May 2016

Judge was Heather Alexander. First: Amanda Giles, ‘Miriam Waits’. Second: Godfrey Forder, ‘Just War’. Third: Roz Balp, ‘Lifted’. Fourth: Vicky Armstrong,  ‘Above Rubies’.

Results of the ‘given phrase’ Competition, March 2016

Judge was Alexandra Benedict. First: Maddie Blake, ‘The Song of the Tree’.  Second: Elizabeth Allen, ‘The Song’s Sake’. Third: Sarah Corrie, ‘Shut Up, You Bitch or the Neighbours Will Hear You’. Fourth: Jill Fricker, ‘This Won’t Last’.

Results of the Catherine Cookson Cup Competition, December 2015

Judge was Sarah O’Halloran. First: Marcia Woolf, ‘All Saints’.  Second: Anne Hooker, ‘Moving On’. Third: Elizabeth Allen: ‘Dereliction of Duty’. Fourth: Roz Balp, ‘Ducking and Rolling’.

Results of the Romantic Fiction Competition, October 2015

Judge was Hilary Mackelden. First: Amanda Giles, ‘Hector’s Tale’. Second: Maddie Blake, ‘Top Secret’. Third: Emma Boyde, ‘Out with the Geek’. Fourth: Marcus Towner, ‘Indian Summer, Later Spring’. Highly Commended: Godfrey Forder, ‘Lost and Found’; Sam Davey, ‘Stupid QPID’.

Results of Dramatic Monologue Competition, August 2015

Judge was Christine Harmer-Brown. First: Vicky Armstrong, ‘Six Months in the Life of Miss Hill’. Second: Caroline Wardle,’Grammabot’. Third: Sally-Ann Clark, ‘Getting a Word in Edgeways’. Fourth: Roz Balp, ‘Wife in the Gulf’.

Results of Journalism Competition, June 2015

Judge was Kathryn Flett. First: Elizabeth Allen, ‘A Whole Planet of Possibilities’. Second: John Taylor, ‘Claim to Fame’. Third: Diana Lock, ‘On the Trail of Grey Owl’. Fourth: Rachel Marsh, ‘Turning a Blind Eye’.

Results of Poetry Competition, April 2015

Judge was Antony Mair. First: Elizabeth Allen, ‘The New Wife’. Second: Sally-Ann Clark, ‘Cairn’. Third: ‘A Little Less Conversation’, Liz Caluori. Fourth: ‘Dungeness’, John Taylor.

Results of Flash Fiction Competition, March 2015

Judge was Alexandra Benedict. First: Sally-Ann Clark, ‘In Perspective’. Second: Diana Lock, ‘Missing Baggage’. Third: Marcia Woolf, ‘Devotion’. Fourth: Roz Balp, ‘The Green Door’.



HWG Awards 2015

Catherine Cookson Cup

Judged by talent scout from the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency, Sally O’Halloran. Winner: Marcia Woolf, ‘All Saints’. Second: Anne Hooker, ‘Moving On’. Third: Elizabeth Allen, ‘Dereliction of Duty’. Fourth: Roz Balp, ‘Ducking and Rolling’.


HWG Writer of the Year

Winner: Sally-Ann Clark. Presented by Vice-Chair, Kate O’Hearn.

Who we are

Based in Hastings, East Sussex, we share a passion for writing.

We come from many different backgrounds and have diverse writing experience. Some have had short stories, poems, letters or articles published in magazines, whilst others have novels or non-fiction books to their credit. However, we also welcome people who still aspire to publication, as well as those who are happy to write just for themselves and family or friends. See the Members page for our details.

We aim to help all our members develop their writing skills by providing a varied and interesting programme of meetings, and offering constructive feedback on their work in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

The group meets fortnightly, in Hastings.  Our activities include varied competitions with guest judges, speakers, manuscript evenings, workshops and fun evenings.  We aim to offer something for everyone who enjoys writing.  From time to time we also organise events for both members and the public to attend.

If you would like to know more about our activities, or are interested in joining the group, please contact us.

We also have a facebook page, if you would like to follow us.

Annual Presentation Evening – 4th December, 2015



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