Results of the Romantic Fiction Competition, October 2015

Judge was Hilary Mackelden. First: Amanda Giles, ‘Hector’s Tale’. Second: Maddie Blake, ‘Top Secret’. Third: Emma Boyde, ‘Out with the Geek’. Fourth: Marcus Towner, ‘Indian Summer, Later Spring’. Highly Commended: Godfrey Forder, ‘Lost and Found’; Sam Davey, ‘Stupid QPID’.

Results of Dramatic Monologue Competition, August 2015

Judge was Christine Harmer-Brown. First: Vicky Armstrong, ‘Six Months in the Life of Miss Hill’. Second: Caroline Wardle,’Grammabot’. Third: Sally-Ann Clark, ‘Getting a Word in Edgeways’. Fourth: Roz Balp, ‘Wife in the Gulf’.

Results of Journalism Competition, June 2015

Judge was Kathryn Flett. First: Elizabeth Allen, ‘A Whole Planet of Possibilities’. Second: John Taylor, ‘Claim to Fame’. Third: Diana Lock, ‘On the Trail of Grey Owl’. Fourth: Rachel Marsh, ‘Turning a Blind Eye’.

Results of Poetry Competition, April 2015

Judge was Antony Mair. First: Elizabeth Allen, ‘The New Wife’. Second: Sally-Ann Clark, ‘Cairn’. Third: ‘A Little Less Conversation’, Liz Caluori. Fourth: ‘Dungeness’, John Taylor.

Results of Flash Fiction Competition, March 2015

Judge was Alexandra Benedict. First: Sally-Ann Clark, ‘In Perspective’. Second: Diana Lock, ‘Missing Baggage’. Third: Marcia Woolf, ‘Devotion’. Fourth: Roz Balp, ‘The Green Door’.

Results of Radio Play Competition, November 2014

Judge was Shaun McKenna. First: Jill Fricker, ‘All Those Heavenly Fowls’. Second: Roz Balp, ‘Lost and Found’. Third: ‘Strangeness on a Train’, Vicky Armstrong. Fourth: Marcia Woolf, ‘Crossed Lines’.

Goodbye to our Chair

At our AGM on 27 October, our popular Chair, Jill Fricker sadly stood down. She will be replaced by Eileen Masters. See here for further details of the new HWG Committee.

Results of ‘Hidden Gems’ Competition, October 2014

Judge was Dr Elizabeth Allen. First: Vicky Armstrong, ‘Mr Hat’. Second: John Taylor, ‘Loved Ones’.

Results of Crime Writing Competition, September 2014

Judge was Phil Viner. First: Eileen Masters, ‘The Police Chief’s New Clothes’. Second: Jill Fricker, ‘What the Heron knows’. Third: Musetta Ripamonti, ‘Yokohama Duet’. Fourth: Diana Lock  ‘The Energy of the Crescent Moon’,

Results of Life Writing Competition, June 2014

Judge was Andrea Samuelson. First: Roz Balp, ‘Job Quest’. Second: John Cole, ‘Chasing Rats’. Third: Marcia Woolf, ‘Miss Brockway’s Legacy’.  Joint Fourth: Mike Walsh, ‘Fearless Mary Fosdyke’, Jill Fricker, ‘A very ordinary miracle’.

Results of Poetry Competition, April 2014

Judge was Kim Lasky. First: Jill Fricker, ‘Out of Niger’, Second: Sara Young, ‘Jack’, Third: ‘Overkill’, Roz Balp, Joint Fourth:Marcia Woolf, ‘On the Hill’, Diana Lock, ‘The Slip’.

Results of Short Story Competition, March 2014

Complete story from given opening paragraph. Judge was thriller writer James Carol.

First: Roz Balp, ‘The New Order’,  Second: Mike Walsh, ‘The Wasteland’, Third: Linda Blackhall, ‘We are the People’, Joint Fourth: Jill Fricker, ‘Falling to Earth’, Stephanie Gaunt, ‘The Choice’



HWG Awards 2014

Catherine Cookson Cup

Judged by poet, short story writer and creative writing tutor, Catherine Smith. Winner: Liz Allen, ‘Growing Pains’; second: Sam Davey, ‘The Night Baby’; third: Roz Balp, ‘Last Tagine in Marrakesh’; fourth: Diana Lock, ‘Desert Dreams’.


HWG Writer of the Year

Presented by Group Patron, Tamara McKinley. Joint Winners: Jill Fricker and Roz Balp

Who we are

Based in Hastings, East Sussex, we share a passion for writing.

We come from many different backgrounds and have diverse writing experience. Some have had short stories, poems, letters or articles published in magazines, whilst others have novels or non-fiction books to their credit. However, we also welcome people who still aspire to publication, as well as those who are happy to write just for themselves and family or friends. See the Members page for our details.

We aim to help all our members develop their writing skills by providing a varied and interesting programme of meetings, and offering constructive feedback on their work in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

The group meets fortnightly, in Hastings.  Our activities include varied competitions with guest judges, speakers, manuscript evenings, workshops and fun evenings.  We aim to offer something for everyone who enjoys writing.  From time to time we also organise events for both members and the public to attend.

If you would like to know more about our activities, or are interested in joining the group, please contact us.



HWG Publications

Strandline 10 out now!

See Publications for details.

Great News! Animal Writes wins top award!

HWG won the NAWG (National Association of Writers’ Groups) Best Group Anthology award in 2014. Our Chair, Jill Fricker, also won first place in the NAWG Formal Poetry and Picture Book Text categories. Well done us!

Go to Publications to buy our latest anthology  Animal Writes, featuring a ‘Pegasus’ story by Kate O’Hearn, and to see new items from our talented group members. Our 2014 Group Anthology, Strandline, is currently in production.

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